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Roper Rooms October 2013- Sassparella

As you can see from the first picture, I am really trying to work on my hand speed!

Seriously, Sassparella gave a brilliant account of themselves at their first big concert of the year.

My wife (Cindy Stratton) and I took over MD duties in July last year. Since then, the choir has grown from around 30 to nearly 40. I do most of the arrangements myself. That way, I can tailor the key, and the individual parts, to the range and capabilities of the choir members. I do the note-bashing… then I hand over to Cindy, who really works on timbre, annunciation, projection and tightness.

We are having great fun, and making a great sound. Looking forward to our next concert on 30th November,

You can watch a video extract from the concert on YouTube:

FAST HANDSSass Roper 1Sass at Roper 4Sass Roper 3Sass Roper 2

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