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The Story Behind the Blog Title

Mr Frank is a Fat CountIt was a mad lunchtime, a wet and windy Thursday. I returned to my office to find a young man outside my office, pumped up, veins bulging. He had apparently challenged most of Year 11 to a fight. I wasn’t in the mood for a quiet chat, so I unleashed one of my top bollockings at point blank range, and told him to stand there until he he’d grown a brain to go with the bum fluff on his upper lip masquerading as a moustache.

I went off and did another patrol of the playgrounds and corridors. When I returned to my office, he wasn’t there. But he did leave me a personal message.

“Mr Frank is a Fat Count!”

Well… hard to argue with that, really! I’ve struggled with my weight for years…

This blog is dedicated to every teacher, every teaching assistant, every admin officer, every caretaker, every school leader who passionately takes the fight for social justice and change into the lives of the marginalised, the lost and the neglected.

For those about to do playground duty…. I salute you!

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